Beyond blogging her work, Ann of Ann Lyle Photography is located in Framingham, Massachusetts and serves the Metrowest and Greater Boston area. Ann Is a professional photographer providing custom photography to all of Massachusetts and Middlesex County. She is a infant photographer, Boston Newborn Photographer, Boston Baby photographer, Framingham photographer, Metrowest photographer. She is trained and specializes in baby photography.  She works in the Southborough, Natick, Weston, Wellesley, Holliston, Hopkinton, Brookline, and Northborough, Massachusetts and Sudbury, Massachusetts area.  She is an Ashland baby photographer, Natick newborn Photographer, Metrowest Baby Photographer. Ann Lyle Photography is a studio photographer using her studio and location in Framingham, MA specializing in newborn and baby photography. Contact Ann at or 508-861-3305 for more details or to schedule your session.

Boston Newborn Photographer - Framingham, MA

I'm often complimented about my style of newborn photography.  My style has been described as "rustic preppy" and I kinda love that.  I think it's a great description of the look I'm going for.   I love these babies and I want to create a beautiful images that makes the baby the star.  I love dramatic light and beautiful color.  

When I first started baby and newborn photography, I was open to any style.  Parents would bring in crazy props and I even had some in the studio.  A neon bow bigger than the baby's head?  Sure.  You want to put your baby in a watermelon?  Ok, let's try it!  As I incorporated these ridiculous props into the scenes, I quickly realized that the baby wasn't the star of the image, the props were.  What good is that?  Now, I am very careful that in every image, even if props are used (florals, baskets, etc), the baby is the most important part of the image.