Clothing for your Milestone Session | Ann Lyle Photography | Framingham, MA

I am often asked where to buy clothes for a milestone session (for Babies 3-12 months old).  I have a few favorite places that always have photo ready clothing:  Zara, Baby Gap, and Target.  Zara is a fabulous find - we have one close to the studio at Natick Mall in Natick, MA.


Here are my favorite tips when looking for clothing for your little ones:

1.  Things to avoid:

  •  Shirts with collars - Little boys look so cute dressed up, but in a session, those collars climb up and hide your little boy's neck.  At 1 year, it can work, but best to avoid them.
  • Neons, reds or bright pinks - these bright colors reflect onto your little one's face and distorts their coloring.  

  • No shoes or tights - let's show off those little toes!  It's also a great way for your images to be timeless.

2.  Things to do:  

  • Buy Solid colors or mild prints  - look for classic looks in solid colors.  You want your baby to be the star of the session, not the clothing. 
  • Go smaller - Buy a size that fits - not something your baby will "grow into."  You want the clothing to fit snugly in your milestone session.  Clothing that is too big is unattractive and will leave large gaps and dark shadows in your portraits.  
  • Try the clothes on before you come to the studio!  Makes sense, right?  You want to make sure it will fit
  • Irons are our friends Iron your baby's clothing before you come.  

MOST IMPORTANT:  Comfortable children take better photos  That's it.  If your child is uncomfortable in their clothing, they will not be happy during our session together.  It's that simple.  We want happy children and a successful session.  Bring them in sweatpants!  I can still get an amazing photo for you - I promise!!


I am here to answer any questions!