Tummy Time Baby Photography Sessions | Massachusetts Photographer

This first year goes by so quickly that we, as parents, don't even notice how quickly time passes.  When scheduling your baby's first year with me, I encourage parents to come to the studio for a portrait sessions 4 times:  Newborn, 4 month old, 8 months old, 12 months.  

This blog post is about your 4 month session.  It's the most overlooked session, but I would not miss this opportunity!!  At this age, your baby is still tiny, completely dependent on you, and still new and fresh....but you know what they have now....PERSONALITY!  Smiles, giggles, charm, sass, it's all starting now.  

I call this session the "Tummy Time" session.  We can do a mini session and get 5 awesome images in one scene, or a full session and put your little one in 3 scenes to show off those smiles, we will get 15 images.  It's an amazing time and I hope to see you soon!!