Newborn Phototgraphy | Metrowest Photographer | Framingham, MA

I just released this gallery today, it's from a mini swaddle session.  The mini swaddle session is a 90 minute newborn session where your little one is wrapped in various swaddles through the session.  The posing is faster, your studio time is much less and the images are just gorgeous!  This session style is terrific for birth announcements, for families that don't want a 3 hour session, or if you are on a tighter budget.  


Capture the Personality! | Framingham Photographer

My job as your baby photographer is to capture the spirit and joy in your baby.  Yes, I promise to get you smiles and a perfect portrait, but I am going to work hard to get the real personality of your little one shining right though the camera.  

I have two older children and when I look back at their first year photos, my favorite ones are the photos showing that silly sideways smile, their serious faces, or the way they like take their hand to their ear to pretend to be on the telephone.  Those are the things that we forget and also the things you'll want to remember most.  

I work at capturing much more than a pretty smile.  I want to capture your baby.



Tummy Time Baby Photography Sessions | Massachusetts Photographer

This first year goes by so quickly that we, as parents, don't even notice how quickly time passes.  When scheduling your baby's first year with me, I encourage parents to come to the studio for a portrait sessions 4 times:  Newborn, 4 month old, 8 months old, 12 months.  

This blog post is about your 4 month session.  It's the most overlooked session, but I would not miss this opportunity!!  At this age, your baby is still tiny, completely dependent on you, and still new and fresh....but you know what they have now....PERSONALITY!  Smiles, giggles, charm, sass, it's all starting now.  

I call this session the "Tummy Time" session.  We can do a mini session and get 5 awesome images in one scene, or a full session and put your little one in 3 scenes to show off those smiles, we will get 15 images.  It's an amazing time and I hope to see you soon!!